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Hunger Solutions

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Hunger Solutions is a nonprofit organization in Minnesota whose mission is to fight against hunger in the state by supporting food programs and advancing public policy. It is the leading organization state-wide and nationally on hunger data, and also guides grassroots advocacy.

Design Problems: As many nonprofits, much of Hunger Solutions’ content was important. But, the previous website’s information architecture/sitemap was unorganized and much of the important information was hidden. Also, the previous brand made the organization look as a market or food shelf rather than an organization of data and advocacy.

Hunger Solutions homepage on iMac

Hunger Solutions web page on Macbook

Hunger solutions homepage on Macbook focused on navigation

Organized content and a simplified navigation

The previous Hunger Solutions’ website had a primary navigation that made the website seem smaller. But internally, there were sub-menus with multiple levels that made it difficult to find information. The new information architecture consolidated much of the content, and placed them under the appropriate navigation items that would make sense to the user — minimizing the user’s search. Also, the new navigation places more emphasis on the most important information buckets, and strategically uses the organization’s brand to highlight the donate call-to-action.



Hunger Solutions’ brand colors remained the same, but used differently. Instead of an equal use of green and orange, green is now used more prominently and orange is used to specifically signify the primary call-to-action, donate. This helped the problem of looking too much as a food market.


A big part of Hunger Solutions’ work involves advocacy. To help emphasize the sense of urgency, while still portraying a friendly vibe, Yanone Kaffeesatz was chosen for headers. It’s a condensed font-family to reflect a more action and urgent feeling, but has rounded corners and shapes for a soft and more personable character.


Binary code contained in Hunger Solutions logo

Hunger Solutions web page on Macbook